Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Thursday's Meme

Thursday Thunker's Week! Take Two
This week we will answer some crazy questions brought to you by THE THURSDAY THUNKERS!!!!!

We are picking up where we left off last week, which explains why we are starting with #21 instead of #1.

21. How many states have you been in?

Well, if you count confusion and indecision ... about 10.

22. If a sexist Man is called a pig, what is a sexist Woman called?

Miss. (Stole that answer from my husband.)

23. You see the one person who you absolutely despise. If you were guaranteed that he/she couldn't say or do anything back to you.... What would you do??

Nothing. I'd still have to live with myself.

24. How many states are to the right of you? And don’t give us a map to look at.

Most of them.

25. You can go anywhere in the world for free. Where are you?




27. Are you a boxing fan? Do you think there will be a rematch of the Hatton-Pacquiao fight?

No and don't know.

28. What is the most disgusting thing you have ever eaten?

Green roast beef.

29. Is it cloudy right now?


30. What is your dream job?

A ton of money for what I'm doing right now.

31. Someone gives you a $500 gift card to WalMart or Target. What are you going to buy?

Toilet paper.

32. When you were little, what did you want to be "when you grow up"? And, how much different is your occupation now from where you thought it would be when you were younger?

For the longest time, I wanted to be a cowboy. I am not a cowboy.

33. what was your favorite toy as a child?

Battery operated airplane cockpit.

34. How do you think these things up??

I stare into space until the idea fairy drops something on my head.

35. Why do you think so many "fake" veterans get away with pretending? Why don't people question them more (especially the media who eats up their stories?)

I've never heard of fake veterans.

36. What is the last place you had a good cry and why?

I cried at Gran Torino 'cuz Clint died.

37. What do you mean?

Just what I said.

38. Which Sesame Street Character do you relate with the most and why?

I like Beaker on the Muppets.

39. What song one would you listen to over and over if you absolutely had to?


40. Did you ever make what you believed at the time to be a horrible mistake - that in hindsight turned out to lead you on the best path in your life?

No, usually horrible is as horrible turns out.

41. If you could change one thing on your person, what would it be?

I'd be tanner.

42. What’s your favorite show to watch on television nowadays?

I don't have TV access anymore. Whatever is going on on television is doing so without benefit of me.

43. Do you believe there is life after death?

Sure in the energy can't not be created or destroyed kinda way. Having life before death is more important.


  1. Beaker's an interesting character.

  2. cowboy? that's something new.

  3. $500 of TP! LOL That's a lot. Have a great Thursday. :)

  4. Loved your answer to #21! Have a good one :)


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