Sunday, May 10, 2009

Two Movies

Took in the new STAR TREK Mother's Day afternoon. (Which was perfect by the way, Mother's Day, that is.)

The movie was fun. Except for one lame-ass, unnecessary, self-serving scene at the end, a perfect popcorn film. (And pardon me Trekkies, but some wrinkly old pots ought to retire.)

This evening, we watched JCVD. As in Jean Claude Van Damme.

Not a bad little heist film with a stylish looping structure, and then Van Damme breaks the fourth wall and pours out his heart and it is wrenching. I've never seen anything like this on film. Ever.

A lesson for screenwriters. When film does well what film does well, there is nothing to compare.


  1. what was the lame ass part?

  2. When old Spock tells young Spock what a great adventure is waiting for him and what good friends he'll be with Kirk ... I thought yadda yadda yadda move along old man.


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