Sunday, May 17, 2009

Two More Movies

Saturday night, we watched The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.

Brad Pitt ages backwards at an excruciatingly s l o w pace. This is a movie I thought would never end. Although, a couple of times I wondered, how did they do that, mostly I wished, so die already.

The theme seemed to be life's a bitch or old age sucks no matter how you come at it.

Sunday afternoon, watched Angels and Demons.

I like Dan Brown. Okay. I've confessed. Let's move on.

When I see people going on and on about what a BAD writer he is, I think, I should have such a problem. He's probably laughing all the way to the bank.

I liked The DaVinci Code, book and movie. I thought Ron Howard's method of visualizing Langdon thinking, was smart.

I didn't like the end of the book Angels and Demons. My suspension of disbelief crashed and burned.

The movie is a fair mystery thriller and, the ending is, hold the phone, positive towards the Church.
In real life, this weekend, President Obama gave the commencement address at Notre Dame. There has been ongoing controversy about this with the Catholic Faithful urged to protest.

Surely, it wouldn't damage tender minds of the Catholic Youth graduating from college to hear an opinion that opposes DOGMA?

Refusing to listen to an opinion that differs is one step away from suppressing differing opinion.

Maybe one of these centuries, they'll learn.

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  1. I liked The DaVinci Code, book and movie, also. As you say, we should have such reviews/pecuniary success. Let them sneer--it's a marvellous read. And the movie wasn't half bad, either.

    Don't count on the Church learning anything. Dogma = closed mind, it seems. I belong to a church for which dogma is anaethma. We have a covenant for a responsible search for truth and meaning, respect for the inherent worth and dignity of all people and so forth. A covenant, not a canon.

    I couldn't belong to a church that wouldn't let me ask a question or follow an idea.


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